When I was going to get my  own website to run my affiliate business from the outside, I made a fundamental mistake. After a lot of searching on the web, I decided on a free website at wordpress . I also chose a name on my page that I would later change. I renamed my page to rickydollar.wordpress.com based on the old blog I had which doesn’t really say anything about the website content.

After blogging for a while I realized how smooth wordpress was to use but also the limitations of the free variant. As an affiliate of the gaming companies, I could not install the plugins I needed and the restriction meant that I decided to buy myself a place at Loopia . I bought the domain name Spelsajten.nu, which also says a lot more than what rickydollar.wordpress.com did. This was an important step for me to reach my goals. For only SEK 99 a year for the domain name and a purchased space at loopia where I paid some SEK 100 a quarter, I now had the opportunity to achieve my goal of a passive income in a completely different way.

However, I did not want to lose the information I have written so far. I did a Google search on “move domain” and got all the help I needed.

Read more about how I built a  structured and optimized website .