Freedom Finance – helps you with private loans

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Freedom Finance is a standalone company that has collected several lenders and their various loans under one roof. Freedom Finance works as an independent lender from the lenders and can offer customers the largest range of loan solutions in the Swedish market. Freedom Finance helps free private individuals find an optimal private loan, with one of the market’s lowest interest rates, which suits the customer’s loan situation.

Why Freedom Finance?
Freedom Finance differs from other intermediaries of loans on the Internet, mainly in that the customer is allowed to speak with an experienced loan manager, just as with the bank, even if the loan application is made via the Internet.


As a Freedom Finance affiliate you have the opportunity to earn up to SEK 200 per approved lead. An approved lead is:
– Customer 18-77 years and no payment notes or debt balance.

We offer compensation in accordance with the table below.

SegmentReplacementSegment requirements (monthly)
Segment 11506-10
Segment 217511-50
Segment 320050+

You apply to become a partner at Freedom Finance by first registering with the  affiliate network adraction . You will come to the registration page via the Freedom Finance image below.