Step 3: Build a fast and optimized website

Once you know what content to fill your website with and once you’ve set a goal in terms of making money , it’s time to start designing the website itself. This is a very important step on the road to becoming a successful affiliate.

To design a website you can do endlessly in many ways, or if you want in two different ways. Either you design the website yourself or you ask someone else to do it for you. A simple google search on “free website”, or “build free website”, gives you plenty of ideas on how to build a website on your own according to all the rules of the art. If you think it seems smart to build your own website from the ground up, you can of course pay a company to build it for you. The alternative to paying to get a nice, fast and functional website is to use some professional free options (templates). For example, WordPress offers many different ready-made templates that you can use to make your website look just the way you want it.

Should your  website be structured as a blog, there are many different internet companies that offer ready-made blog templates that will get you started easily. In short, there are templates for almost all kinds of websites and for all kinds of content. Most often you find the right relatively fast through a regular google search.

If you rent a site at a web host, you are often offered to also use a free template for your website . For example, the web host Loopia offers its customers to use and easily install WordPress high-quality templates on their websites. WordPress templates are otherwise free to use, so you don’t necessarily have to go through Loopia to get one for your website.

Here you can read more about how to go about installing a wordpress template for your website.

However, in order to run a website that makes you a successful affiliate , it is not enough just to find a nice template or to design a good website yourself. For your website to be good, it needs to be customized to be fast and to fit the Internet’s various search engines and their working methods. Optimizing your website for this is called SEO (Search Enginge Optimizing) which in Swedish can be translated into search engine optimization. If you choose a template from, for example, WordPress, you can easily, by searching for “SEO template wordpress” install a template that is SEO optimized from the beginning. If you build your website yourself, there are many programs that do the SEO optimization for you.

The reason why it is good that your site is SEO optimized is because in your role as an affiliate you will be largely dependent on your website working well with different search engines. The biggest of them all google, for example, is very picky when deciding whether or not a page is optimized. In fact, most search engines make similar assessments.

In addition to being SEO-optimized, your website also needs to be customized to be fast. It needs relatively fast loading time so that the visitor does not get tired and regret their visit even before the website has finished loading. However, getting to a fast website is not that difficult if you know what makes a website slow. Later in the guide, we will go into more detail on how to get to a quick website ( see step 4 ). At this point, however, it may be good to keep in mind that if you are going to use a ready-made template to build your website, the less features your template has, the faster it will be.

A page that is not optimized does not get the chance of as much traffic (visitors) as an optimized counterpart receives. This is because the search engines rank all the Internet websites on the basis of different criteria, where among other things how optimized they are, is one of these criteria. Your website’s ranking plays a certain role for which place your website comes in in the list of search results and the higher up the list the more visitors you get.

In short, you can say that you make a lot of money from having your site optimized. If you follow that advice, there is a good chance that you will succeed very successfully in becoming an affiliate and doing it successfully.

about it If you want to get started with a website that is not just built as a blog, and get an optimized website with a nice layout, the WordPress template is a good alternative. Although the WordPress template obviously works just as well for running a blog. The great advantage of using just WordPress is that there are many add-ons, so-called  plugins that you can easily use on your WordPress homepage.

Since WordPress and its services are largely free, it is also good from a business perspective. After all, becoming an affiliate is all about making money !